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A story that started in Copenhagen when a traveler met designers from Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Japan,
who agree with designing philosophy of Northern Europe.


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Scandinavian Vintage

Scandinavian products with their designs minimal and universal, and can be used daily.

The Finland Glass is a work of pursuing universality and crafted based on philosophy of Kaj Franck. It is simply colored with minimal decoration to easily match with tableware from any time period.
Any materials that are eco-friendly produce excess and will become waste.
However, this designer could be a true pursuer of “sustainability” since he created the glass 60 years ago and people still adore and use his work.
How light passes through the glass, temperature felt from touching it, and how it sweats from temperature of water inside.
This glass will make ordinary activities such as drinking water become the most delightful.
This is a beautiful glass made under the concept of everyday use Scandinavian “antique,” besides his art glass production.

Kij Franck

A designer known as the “conscience of
Finnish design” with a universal design.

Timo Sarpaneva

A designerdesigned the “i” logo which
serves as the symbol of the company.