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A story that started in Copenhagen when a traveler met designers from Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Japan,
who agree with designing philosophy of Northern Europe.


M - “Clothes that induce elegant posture.” “Clothes that serve as a foil to people, time, and space around them.”

The snow is a letter from the sky.
There is no border between nature and human.
The snow tells me a lot of things.
I feel that 6x1 Copenhagen project is a determination about wants to feel nature and value the comfort of life, not just for clothes.
And, the down itself is said to be a renewable material for 100 years.
While thinking about designs that can be worn for a long time,
I would like to understand the material through this project and start the introductory chapter to use recycled down.

- Designer Profile -

The designer of MUVEIL, Michiko Nakayama focuses on “indirect influence" of fashion.
Moreover, she applied her sensibility as a “Japanese woman” to “western style” clothing,
and will be selling them at the secret hideaway space inside of Kanda Shrine.
She is working on creating “Japanese sensibility as a new souvenir from Tokyo.”
As the first production of this theme, she introduced the collaboration outerwear.
In 2002, she was involved in the launch of “MOSSLIGHT.”
After meeting Hiro Sugiyama, she opened her first exhibition “PAIRLOOK,” with clothing and accessories she has designed.
From SS collection of 2006, the brand went overseas.
After leaving “MOSSLIGHT” in SS of 2007, she started up “MUVEIL” from AW of 2007-2008.
In June of 2017, she launched a new brand “M.”