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A story that started in Copenhagen when a traveler met designers from Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Japan,
who agree with designing philosophy of Northern Europe.


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LESS is more.

Travel outerwear for minimalists who have aesthetics of fashion and value
what "they experience" rather than "what they own".

Less is more. Changing from quantity to quality.
The “minimalist” design team has gathered under the philosophy of less items, more room in one’s mind. One of the things that is common in Northern European cultures is that people feel more happy over something intangible such as experiences, as opposed to something tangible. A traveler produced this down jacket with several functions to help the wearer to go visit various places to actually “experience,” instead of gaining “knowledge” from books. “Minimalists” own the necessary bare minimum, and it is different from having nothing. Since everyone is a “minimalist” when they go travel, this “minimalist’s travel outerwear” has been created.

- Packable Down Jacket -

The jacket can be tucked into a packable pocket that is on backside of the jacket when it is turned inside out. When it is worn as a down jacket, the pocket can be used as a secret pocket.